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FunkyFellow is a filter pedal with A LOT of options. You can use it as an envelope filter (HP,BP or LP), change the corner frequency of the filter, use expression pedal as a wha wha and even add some modulation on top of the filter.–vX8


2 reviews for FunkyFellow

  1. Bob Jessome

    I have probably one of the very first one. Ive had it for about a year now and I am extremely pleased with it. Once you get the hang of setting the input and output it is one of the best sounding filters available. And the mod setting has a little phased/tremolo/flange to that that is so cool and useful. Overall a stunning product..

  2. Kelly Grant

    I don’t have one, but I spent a lot of time with one at NAMM. I couldn’t get enough of this little beast. So much rich sound came out of it, and I didn’t even have an expression pedal to play with. I really want one. Only scary part is the price

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