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OnkartBråk soldering course

After many mails, chats and calls, OnkartGromt and BråkFX is ready for our first cooperation! Torje, the man behind BråkFX, has made a lot of cool pedals but he is also a passionate teacher that is eager to spread the fine art of soldering and technology behind pedals. So the 19th of June we will have the first soldering course here in Søgne, outside of Kristiansand, in OnkartGromts new location. For the occasion we have designed 2 pedals that can be built during this Saturday. The LabRat and Kattastrofe. 

Only 10 seats available!

Click this link to get to the event on facebook:

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Christmas calendar Quiz 2019

It has become a nice tradition for both me(Øyvind) and some followers on Instagram that have the patience to solve the LP related quiz during December.

Also this year more then one person managed to get all correct. But the lucky winner was a guy in US that call himself Funkebass.

He also made a very nice demo of the pedal and posted it here:

Thanks a lot for the video!

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Soldering course

This coming saturday (1.oct) there will be a soldering course at OnkartGromt’s office in Søgne. You will be able to solder your own Grombass or OpenEffectsBox.

This will probably not be the last event like this, so just send a mail or facebook message if this is something you want to join at a later stage.


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Basic circuit knowledge

Ever wonder how these signals travels trough a circuit? Well, it can be quite complicated at times.

This little app lets you see the current and voltage as they change. This is really handy when you need to understand the principles. Would not use this if I should simulate some large circuits though.. And it can be a bit tricky to add new components. Check out the demo circuits to get the idea!