Are you tired of dealing with inconsistent audio levels and poor sound quality during your live performances? Look no further than the Grompressor! As a powerful tool for live artists, the Grompressor offers a range of features that will take your sound to the next level.

With its versatility and precision, the Grompressor is the perfect solution for any live artist. Whether you’re playing guitar, drums, or singing, the Grompressor can help you achieve a more balanced and polished sound.

One of the key benefits of the Grompressor is its ability to control dynamics. By allowing you to adjust compression settings such as attack, release, and ratio, the Grompressor gives you the ability to achieve a more consistent sound. Say goodbye to sudden volume spikes and hello to a more professional and balanced sound.

But don’t worry, the Grompressor isn’t just for experienced sound engineers. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to use, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner. Plus, compared to other high-end compressors, the Grompressor is an affordable option that won’t break the bank.

So what are you waiting for? Take your live performances to the next level with the Grompressor. Whether you’re playing in a small club or a large venue, the Grompressor is the perfect tool for achieving a polished, professional sound. Order yours today and start making your live performances sound their best!

Level: Adjust the gain after the compression (make-up gain).

Threshold: Adjust where the compression kicks in (0–70dB)

Attack: Adjust the attack time (1-200ms)

Release: Adjust the realese time (20-2000ms)

Ratio: Change the compression ratio from 1:1 – 1:20(limiter)

Preset: Save up to 3 presets that can be loaded by clicking the right Footswitch

To SAVE a preset, press the Attack/SAVE knob until the screen shows SAVED.

To LOAD a preset,  push the Preset footswitch fast and it will load next preset. Hold the switch, and you will load the previous.

Preset 1 : Green, preset 2: White, preset 3: Yellow


Push the MENU knob to adjust the blend-level, input gain (0-22.5db) , Side-chain functions, Noise gate and the Tilt Equalizer. All parameters are controlled by the Menu knob.

Stereo input/output.



Input impedance: 500kOhm

Output impedance: 1kOhm

32bit floating point architecture.

Max input: +6dBV(6Vp-p)

True bypass relays or buffered bypass. You can change this setting by holding both footswitches during startup and adjust with the toggle switches.



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