Who is OnkartGromt?

OnkartGromt is a combination of two words; Onkart and Gromt. This is dialect from the western part of Norway and means “Something” + “Good”.

That is the main driver for the products.

  • Øyvind Mjanger

    Øyvind Mjanger

    Founder and owner of OnkartGromt AS. Masters degree in electronics; instrumentation and measurement technique. Certified PCB designer (IPC-CID). Letter of craftsmanship in production of electronics. Bassplayer.

  • Arne Toralf Mjanger

    Arne Toralf Mjanger

    Farmer; once the owner of the Grombasen tractor. Now he got 2 Holder A60. Has a lot of sheeps that produce the wool that is inside the wooden boxes. Besides that, he makes violins and other fine stuff.

  • Henning Hodne Mjanger

    Henning Hodne Mjanger

    Marketing and Strategy. Master of musicpedagogy. A brilliant guitar, bass, banjo, lapsteel, piano ++ player. Grew up very close to sheeps and tractors