It’s not every day that you get your product in a museum. Usually means that you’re dead… But not this time. As a part of Rockheim’s new exhibition with “The tools of Rock” you can actually find 3 versions of the Grombass. On the picture you can see two of them and another one will probably be in the demo room where you can test it. Thank you Rockheim!

If you want to play around with your own digital effects, you can now buy the general purpose box called Open Effects Project!

You can find it on

This can be programmed from Arduino and its core is a Teensy3.2. Then you can make your own audio engine in the graphical tool and then later on edit the code to adjust values on the fly.

Really nice tools from!

The schematic can be found HERE

DSC_0976 DSC_0984 DSC_0980

Ever wonder how these signals travels trough a circuit? Well, it can be quite complicated at times.

This little app lets you see the current and voltage as they change. This is really handy when you need to understand the principles. Would not use this if I should simulate some large circuits though.. And it can be a bit tricky to add new components. Check out the demo circuits to get the idea!