Here you can find links realted to Kicad. An Open Source EDA package that is really good! Make your own PCBs and have fun.


  • KiCad


    KiCad is an Open Source EDA package capable of most things you need when designing electronics.

  • FreeCAD


    FreeCAD is an Open Source 3D CAD package specially for parametric designs. Handles step files and you can add a lot of modules for what you need.

  • FreeCad PCB module

    FreeCad PCB module

    This module/addon to FreeCAD lets you import Kicad .board files directly and attach step files to the components. Lots of nice features! BUT you should read the manual..


  • Kicad Stepup

    Kicad Stepup

    KiCAD stepup lets you automatically generate step models of your complete boards. Great tool!

  • KiCOST


    KiCost is a handy BOM generation tool that also fetches current prices from several vendors

  • FreeRouting


    Autorouter using the Spectra format. Can be run as standalone or added to Kicad as a .jar file.